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Cloe is Life

The name Chloë is Greek in origin, meaning green, young and fresh, referring to freshly-mown grass. This is the unprecedented perspective embodied in the essence of the entire collection. Page after page, discover how Grilli has brought this to fruition.;

That special colour we call life

The Chloë collection has taken root at Grilli through extraordinary attention to every last detail. The forms recreate the sweetness and variety found in flowers and plants. The colours are reminiscent of the greenery of nature.

The grain of the wood reveals the physicality and value of its quality and life. All the components, each in their own way, consistently develop the original inspiration of the collection, making up great furniture solutions, elegant and refined, yet linked by definite modernity.

Grilli has a profound knowledge of the great tradition of furniture. In this collection, we infuse an authentically contemporary spirit with a touch of elegant classic taste.


Refinement in the signs of the material

The entire Chloë collection features the theme of the colours and signs of stone and wood. The wardrobe takes on the look and function of a veritable wall, with vertical momentum throughout, the mirrored and other modules bringing a powerful dynamism to the whole room.

The alternation of the surfaces and their purposefully irregular dimensions brings life to a piece of furniture that cannot always be easily placed in a bedroom. The bed is also especially beautiful, with a lightweight, almost plain structure, raised well above the floor. This idea is designed for the young at heart, with a dash of both the casual and the sophisticated.

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