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Stylish furniture to make a difference

The DOGE collection draws its inspiration from the most luxurious Italian and international styles. The furniture in the collection forms a complete furnishing solution for the living room and bedroom, dedicated to those who value sophistication and want to stand out.

Fine materials and quality finishes.

The basis of the unique value of the DOGE collection lies in the selection of the finest raw materials and finishes with a great tradition of craftsmanship, in its two incarnations: inlaid Italian walnut and delicately lacquered white.

All the furniture in the collection is constructed in wood of the highest quality, manufactured by skilled artisans, and adorned with ornamental carvings and decorations, all still made by hand. The living room includes a dining area with a magnificent, sumptuous table, and a living room filled with enchanting pieces, created from

precious harmonies of the finest fabrics and mastery in wood. The bedroom offers a classic environment in which the bed appears as the grand and imposing centrepiece, enhanced by its quilted headboard with floral motif decorations.


Elegant and sophisticated furnishings

Every piece in the collection is a true work of art, created with skill and craftsmanship. The environments on offer revive the prestige of the furnishings of sumptuous historic houses, and an elegance that enhances everyday functionality.

From the dining room to the living room, from the bed to the entire bedroom, the collection is able to offer a sophisticated, spectacular total home design, ideal not only to live surrounded with beauty, but also to host guests, the pleasure that is the prerogative of prominent people open to an exceptional social life.

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