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Unique settings, solemn yet rigorous

The IMPERIALE collection continues the glorious tradition of the furniture that straddled the 18th and 19th centuries. A sumptuous Corinthian capital forms the centrepiece of the outstanding aesthetics of the furniture.

The charm of burl and the radiance of the lightest hues

The personality of one of our solutions lies in the decorative value of the grain and shade of the wood; another solution is expressed by the subtlety of its light hues and refined decor. Both options are enhanced by their exquisite gilt trim.

The collection brings together furnishings for both the living room and bedroom, in a wide range of uniquely valuable furniture. The Corinthian capital, a characteristic, unmistakable detail, is made of solid wood, hand-carved by the master craftsmen at Grilli.

Olive or white ash burl brings out the beauty of the natural grain of the wood, while the gilt trim marks out the most decorative contours and details. A lacquered version, an ode to radiance and the most refined sensitivity, is also available.


Total immersion in the aristocratic dimension

Authority and representation: these words are the epitome of the spirit that enlivens the whole collection and all its pieces. Each piece features a capital, precisely echoing the authority of the classics as a base for geometrically rigorous furniture.

Trim, gilt, inlay and the very grain of the wood magnificently exalt the surfaces, bringing to the rooms a unique, singular power to represent, to triumph over the gaze and the attention.

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