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Le Rose

A sense of art and sensitivity of mind

The LE ROSE collection brings to life a flowering, fragrant garden, scented with real wood, redolent with authenticity, an expression of style and elegant refinement. The bouquet is a play on marquetry, enlivened with a murmur of spring.

Wood, an expression of beauty in all its forms

A bouquet of roses is carved in solid jelutong wood, then inlaid in ash burl. Every piece and every room basks in the radiance of gold leaf, resulting in a formal yet everyday atmosphere.

The eye is drawn to the many individual pieces that make up the collection. A large round table invites your honoured guests to serve themselves at will, from the central lazy Susan. The rectangular table is fitted with two leaves, which can also be used separately. The headboard and mirror frame in the lavatory are a

triumph of flowers and leaves. The corner coffee table is a little gem, to suit a great diversity of environments. The best part is discovering the features of every piece, revealing its secret, whether big or small, functional or aesthetic.


A gentle, poetic note of distinction

In the centre, a decorative element that brings an original, special significance to the collection. The noblest and most evocative of flowers forms a fine inlaid bouquet, its ideal frame a domed oval, the star of the show in the sideboards, windows and monumental beds, or in the central decoration of the tables.

All around, utterly beautiful furniture makes its mark, bearing witness to the good taste of its owners, reflecting their gentle souls. A light yet sumptuous atmosphere, in both the living room and bedroom.

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