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Ancient glories in new harmonies

In the early 19th century, throughout Europe, the Empire style borrowed its decorative patterns from classic and ancient times. The ROMA collection offers a system of compositional modules, expressing luxury and monumentality, drawing inspiration from the most solemn architecture.

The privilege of a fully bespoke furnishing solution

Gold and wood or gold and white; day and night, at home or at work; wainscoting or individual items of furniture. The ROMA collection is the purest expression of modularity, offering endless choices of dimension and detail.

The style is unique and highly recognisable, yet the opportunities to construct a space according to your own tastes, the dimensions of your home, the intended uses, your pleasures and your passions are infinite. The special prerogative of the collection is to furnish an

entire environment, whether the dining room, the bedroom or the fitted study, where furniture harmoniously melds into one, in perfect continuity and unrivalled elegance.


The triumph of a timeless classic

The great imperial civilisations of ancient times return to visibility, in a design project that is creating its own style, originally and distinctively combining ornamental Greek, Roman and Egyptian motifs. The forms of the furniture draw inspiration from architecture, while the rigour of the sharp geometrical lines is enlivened by column capitals decorated with acanthus leaves and frontal pillars.

Whether you choose white or natural wood, a home furnished in the ROMA style is converted into a palace, to be lived in and to display your personal success.

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