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An outstanding expression of Italian culture

The lines selected for the TREVI collection are elegant and unique, recalling images of prestigious times, in the late Baroque style that continues to adorn the present.

Dexterity in the rediscovery of the greatest school of woodworking

Our carpentry techniques bring back to life those of the greatest Italian ateliers and their rightly fa-mous masterworks. The inlay creates picturesque swirls, in a spectacular display of graceful ara-besques.

The skilful use of wood, precision in construction, experience in handicrafts, intuition in creativity and ability in the decorative arts are the characteristics that perpetuate the renown of the Italian tradition of furniture, valued and desired the world over.

The TREVI collection is the most typical and complete expression of this tradition. A tradition that here extends well beyond representative furniture, to embrace upholstery and the kitchen, with unprecedented and unimaginable wonder.

An invaluable contribution to good taste

Furnish without ostentation, yet with a perfect balance between refinement and discretion. The TREVI collection, a finesse that does not pass unnoticed, in particular in its expression of prestige and nobility, without slipping into exhibitionism.

This is the choice of those aware of their own merits, translating them effectively into furnishing solutions intended for their nearest and dearest, with a great capacity for hospitality and yet for definite distinction.

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