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The splendour of creativity at the palace of the Sun King

Of all the great French cabinetmakers, only one is marked out by the originality of his creative inspiration: André-Charles Boulle. Adding appliqué sculpture in gilded bronze to refined inlay work, Boulle created unmistakable compositional styles, now brought back to life throughout this collection.

Unleash the magic with gold and burl

The secret of the charm that still now lives out the legacy of the most famous king of France re-sides in the innovative spirit and unattainable skill of his artisans. They left great teachings, of which Grilli is an avid follower.

A tale of magic lies at the root of the beauty and prestige of burl, the true star of the VERSAILLES collection. This is the story of Ferrara walnut. In the Ferrara region, the walnut trees planted in the rows of vines to hold them up were pollarded, to facilitate the

formation of gibbosity on the trunk and shoots at the roots. These irregularities resulted in the uniqueness of this burl, which is now more and more sought after, making it all the more valuable.


A long tradition of wisdom and experience

To construct furniture with such charm, so full of wonder, requires an extraordinary passion for beauty and total dedication to quality.

GRILLI has both of these gifts, and thus sees itself as the heir to this transalpine tradition, yet also as the custodian of the centuries-old incomparable Italian tradition of furniture, which has so much more to give to those who understand, appreciate and choose it for themselves.

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